Sell on eBay privately & anonymously.

Sell & ship your products on eBay anonymously.

We will list your products on our account. And we will provide you a shipping label with our address. You can list, sell and ship your products anonymously.


List Your Products

List your products with us and you remain anonymous.

Get Paid

When your item sells, we send you the funds.

Ship Anonymously

Ship using our account with our return address.


Listing Fee: $0.50 per item

Commission: 10 - 15% depending on category

Frequently Ask Questions

What is

ListerTool is your partner to list your products onto eBay and other marketplaces anonymously. We provide shipping anonymously to your buyer.

List your products on the “Sell on eBay” tab.

Not at this moment.

You provide the details of the product listing. If it sells, we will provide you a label (with our ship-from address)

Sign up by clicking the “Join Now”

Anyone. Individuals and Businesses. For larger listings, please contact us at

None. We are just a user. But we provide this service to you for a small fee.